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College Recruiting

I established the Trombly Baseball Academy in 2002 with two main goals. The first was to put together teams that would compete for Championships. The second was to help the players move on to professional or college baseball. In a short period of time these goals have been met and the numbers are staggering. Trombly Baseball teams have won 58 tournaments including Four National Championships and Four National Runner-Ups. More importantly, after playing for Trombly Baseball and graduating from high school there are 74 players that have been drafted and gone on to play professional baseball and 253 players that have gone on to play college baseball.

We are fortunate to have many talented players participate in our program each year. A small percentage of these players are so talented that opportunities simply come their way. However, most players and their families could use some help when it comes to the recruiting process. It can be a frustrating situation! Although I do enjoy coaching, I get more satisfaction and joy from helping out with college recruiting. Most families go through this once and by the time you start to figure it out it’s often too late. I have been through it hundreds of times and I’m dedicated to making sure that every one of our players has the opportunity to play college baseball.

In addition to running Trombly Baseball I have also worked several other jobs that have given me valuable experience. I worked for Perfect Game (2003-2004) and was a National Director and the Vice President of the World Wood Bat Association. I had many responsibilities while working for PG and among them was organizing and running numerous Showcases for College and Professional Scouts. After each Showcase I assisted in writing scouting reports for each and every player that participated in these events.  I was a college baseball coach and recruiting coordinator at Cypress College (2005-2006) and Mt. SAC (2006-2008). In addition to coaching, my main responsibility was scouting high school baseball players and bringing in the best players available. Most recently I worked for Athletic Placement Services (2008-2009) where we helped athletes select the right college program for them. 

I have added a College Recruiting Service to our academy to allow me to assist players and their parents in selecting the right college. I will help find the best fit athletically, academically, socially and financially. If you are interested in having me help out with this process, please contact me and we can schedule a meeting at our office in Anaheim.