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 My name is Steve Trombly and I run the Trombly Baseball Academy. Our teams started playing in the summer of 2003 and in that time we have been very successful on and off the field. There is no question that we have established ourselves as one of the top travel baseball organizations in the country. On the field our teams have won 7 National Championships and over 100 tournaments. More importantly is how our players have done after participating with us. There are over 450 TB Alumni that have moved on to play college baseball and over 100 Alumni have been drafted and are currently playing professional baseball, including 20 players who have reached the major leagues.
The success of Trombly Baseball is due to the outstanding group of players and parents that participate with us each year. We are in the process of putting our rosters together for this summer and we’re looking for players who would like to join our organization. Our program is for the serious baseball player who wants to compete and improve their skills each and every day. This will only be achieved through hard work and playing against the best competition available. Players with dedication and commitment are the type of guys we’re looking for.
This summer we will have 18U, 17U, 16U and 15U teams with the possibility of having 2 teams at some of the age groups. Our teams will compete in summer leagues with the opportunity of earning their way to a World Series and playing for a National Championship. In addition, we will play in all of the biggest and best events on the West Coast that attract the top players and teams from around the country. These events will give our players a tremendous amount of exposure to both college coaches and professional scouts. We start playing when the HS season is over (Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-25, 2015) all the way through January 31, 2016 when we shut down for the HS season. The 2015 Grads will play from Memorial Day weekend to the 1st week of August.

The future is very bright for Trombly Baseball and hopefully you are interested in joining our program. If you are interested, fill out the Player Info Sheet below and submit it. Once I receive your Player Info Sheet I will contact you with meeting dates where we will go over our organization, fees, schedule, etc in detail. 

We look forward to having you help us build on the tradition that the players before you have established. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Steve Trombly

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For all the years that I have played for Steve and for Trombly Baseball, I can’t thank him enough for the exposure and experiences I had with the team. Our Connie Mack team was a very special team, you look at all the players on the team, and everyone had D-1 scholarships and was planning on playing beyond high school baseball. Trombly Baseball represents a combination of an elite, winning baseball program that’s dedicated to helping guys get to the next level by bringing in numerous college and pro scouts for great exposure. That’s a compliment to how hard Steve works on a constant basis to help his players and their families. I remember how he'd throw for hours to us on weekends, and all the players and parents would be out there shagging balls and enjoying a great baseball weekend. Trombly Baseball helped me become a better baseball player, learn how to win, and most importantly, having fun!
Hank Conger - Trombly Baseball Alum
Playing with Steve for the past 2 years has definitely helped me progress into the baseball player I am today. I created some awesome relationships with both Coaches and Players, bonds with them that I still have today. We played against the best competition in the nation during my time with Trombly Baseball. Our teams went to many different parts of the country as well. We went to New Jersey for a national tournament and swept it. We were the 2007 17U Don Mattingly World Series Champs, and by the way. that championship game ended with a dog pile, one of the coolest things you can ever experience in Baseball if you get the opportunity like I did. We sometimes would traveled for a couple of weeks at a time and it definitely has helped me get use to things since I now play with the Orioles Advanced Rookie ball affiliate in Bluefield, West Virginia The times on and off the field that I experienced with Trombly are ones that I will never forget, it was truly a blessing playing on this team the past 2 years.
Matt Hobgood
I thought playing for Trombly baseball was one of the best experiences I have ever had in baseball, I met a lot of new friends and was fortunate to play with a lot of great baseball players. I was on the team when it was just starting. It was only a few of us that played together all the time and we always had new guys filling in spots. We finally got a team together that played with each other all the time and we were virtually unbeatable. My senior year we went all the way to Farmington New Mexico for the Connie Mack World Series that was the first Trombly team to go there. We were a great team with a lot of talent; everyone on that team either went to a Division 1 college after high school or signed a professional contract. That team made it to the championship game where we lost to East Cobb. It was disappointing to lose, but u can't win every game. I stay in touch with a lot of those guys that were on that team, they were a really good bunch of guys. Playing with Trombly allowed me to play against the best competition in the country. I hope Trombly continues to do well and produce great teams to go back to the Connie Mack World Series and win it all.
Danny Espinosa
During my experience of playing with Trombly baseball I made some of the best friends I've ever had and played with the elite core of athletes from southern California. Our team was definitely a team that liked to play loose and take care of business. That's how we played the best. Trombly was a great experience and if I could I'd do it all over again. 
Nick Ramirez
Trombly Baseball came to me looking for a pick-up player to play in the Don Mattingly World Series.  I wasn't promised a thing; just a free ride to a big tournament in New Jersey.  I was told who was on the team and was worried that with all the big names of my age, would I even play? I took the leap and Steve and the coaches gave me a chance.  I had a blast as we rolled through the tournament and was crowned the Don Mattingly AABC 17U Champs! Still to this day one of the most exciting moments in my baseball career.  From there on, I was a Brave.  With that title came responsibility that the best of the best players have to accept.  The rules are simple, play the game hard, respect your coaching staff, and win! The last one isn't a rule but an expectation.  We were feared when we walked on to ANY field, and we knew it.  The coaches were not the coaches you would expect.  They aren't going to change your style, but when they see you're struggling they are more than qualified to assist.  They know the game and their track records show for it. Steve, Stodge, Grover, and Paulie were the 4 that saw me through.  To this day we still share our jokes.  Lord knows me and Stodge had battles of who was smaller. At least I have my hair! Jokes are acceptable, but best to know that game time is business to them.  They want to win, in fact EXPECT to win.  But with that comes friends that you will obtain throughout your career and beyond it.  I have met numerous guys that played on the team and everyone of them was a hard nosed baseball player.  No room for softies on this squad.  The best memory when playing teams was talking to third base coaches and answering the question "so who besides yourself has scholarships on the team?"  It took me multiple pitches to get them all out.  I could go through the whole team in the field and then at least 5 guys on the bench.  That is how much college and professional exposure you will obtain with the Navy and Red on your chest.  But going back to friendship.  I have heard from every coach multiple times asking how I am doing.  Probably my closest new friend that I obtained in my short career as a Brave was Coach Paul.  We clicked immediately and he helped me mentally and physically every game.  Every time I struggled he was there to back me up, and chew me out given the words coming out of my mouth. Ha! He is still a dear friend to this day.  The bottom line is this.  Have fun, play hard, and you will get the attention you deserve.  These coaches know what's what in the baseball world and have numerous connections.  I owe a lot to all four of these guys.  I thank them for all the memories and all the help.  Go Braves!
Danny Pulfer   #2
INF - University of Oregon Ducks
I played for Trombly Baseball my entire High School career. I was a part of a national championship team in 2007. Playing for an elite baseball program gave me the opportunity to improve on my skills year round. We won because of great team chemistry that started with supportive and a knowledgeable coaching. In the summer and fall, I played against outstanding competition. I reflect on my last four years, and I know that playing for Trombly Baseball was the biggest factor in getting me to where I am today. 
-Kevin Chambers
I started playing for Steve Trombly and his Trombly organization at the age of 16.  I played throughout his Connie Mack teams till the beginning of my college freshmen season.  Without the privilege of playing for Steve I would not have been as noticed from college coaches and area scouts.  With Steve's help I was recruited and eventually signed with the University of Southern California.  Playing around the country with the Trombly Bulldogs and Braves was the time of my life and would do it all over again if I had the chance.  Steve and his organization is top class and I recommend anyone who wants to play into the next level to join the Trombly Organization.   
Mike O'Neill 
USC #11 OF
Trombly baseball had a huge role in where I got in baseball. Not only does Steve have a tremendous heart for helping his kids get to the college they want, but yet pushes them in a gifted way that gets the most out of each player. IT IS the most competitive travel ball team I have ever been a part of. Whether you want to or not, you will be playing the best talent in Southern California, possibly even the Nation. MOST OF ALL, TROMBLY BASEBALL PREPARES YOU FOR THE NEXT LEVEL! Last, but not least, Steve truly cares about being competitive and winning, but even more enjoys letting the team have fun. You will enjoy the game of baseball if you become a part of Trombly Baseball. Thank you Steve for the opportunity to play for you. Had some once in a lifetime experiences that I will never forget! Looking forward to coaching along side of you hopefully soon!
Dale Solomon
Oregon State University
Playing for the Trombly Braves was one of my greatest experiences I have had in my amateur career. I was able to play with some of the best players in the State of California and the Country. We as a team created many memories and friendships that I still keep to this day and will last me a lifetime. Playing for Steve allowed me to go to my first World Series (Connie Mack) and playing for Steve helped me in my transition from high school ball to college ball at Cal State Fullerton. I have had a lot of coaches over the years and Steve, Coach Paul and Coach Romine were some of the best I have ever had the pleasure to play for.  
Travis Kelly. 
Trombly Baseball has played a huge role in my baseball success and has opened many doors to college and professional baseball. While playing for Trombly Baseball I have constantly played with the best talent in Southern California along with playing against the best competition around the nation. Steve does a great job at recruiting his players to put together the best teams possible. Playing in the 2006 Connie Mack World Series has been one of the most memorable experiences in my baseball career.
Best of Luck!
Taylor Krick
Trombly baseball was the team to beat when I was in high school. Playing for Steve and the guys he had on his team was a ton of fun because we won. 
Clark Murphy 
Class A, Texas Rangers
Although my time with Trombly Baseball was short, both my on- and off- field relationship with Steve has done wonders for my career.  He is an outstanding source of knowledge for young baseball players of all ages.  Along with providing players with an environment conducive to growth as a player, Steve provides these young players with the tools to allow their growth as men.  I owe Steve Trombly many “thank you(s)” for the help he has provided me through high school, college, and my young professional career.
Thomas Phelps
Baltimore Orioles Organization
My time with Trombly baseball gave me the best opportunity to play against top competition and helped me get ready for and succeed at the Division I level of college baseball.
Kevin Hansen
Playing for the Trombly Braves this summer has been an amazing experience. Steve Trombly has pushed me, as well as the rest of the guys on our team to challenge ourselves to become better baseball players on and off the field. I have grown so much this summer mentally as well as physically in my skills as a player; but most importantly, Steve has coached us into learning how to play the game the right way. I think our success this summer shows how great a coach and mentor Steve is, and how much he pushes his players to be prepared for the next level. I look forward to continued success with Trombly Baseball.
-Zach Verlaan
As the parent of a former Trombly player (Danny Espinosa) and a former coach for Trombly I believe that Steve Trombly presents many opportunities to players that may not be available on other teams, such as playing in high profile tournaments and playing with other high profile players.  This type of exposure is very important to young players as it gives them the chance to play against great competition (as his teams are always in the hunt for national titles) and playing with other top notch players that draw attention from scouts and recruiting coordinators.  Steve was a pleasure to coach with and treats all of his players honestly from what I saw.  I believe that playing for Trombly baseball was a benefit for my son who played alongside of Hank Conger, Chris Tillman, Brett Hunter and many other high profile players.
Dan Espinosa
Playing with the Trombly Braves for two years was a great experience for my son, Matt.  Steve Trombly works tirelessly to bring talented kids together for the opportunity to compete with, and against, the best baseball players, both locally and nationally.  Being part of a quality program like Trombly also greatly improved my son's visibility among college and professional scouts, which led to a D-1 scholarship and a 1st round selection in the 2009 MLB draft.  
Becky Hobgood
Being a part of Trombly baseball gave our son, Tommy Palica, an opportunity to play at a level of baseball that gave him incredible exposure. He regularly played in front of top college recruiters and had numerous chances to show major league scouts that he had what it took to become a professional baseball player. The level of talent that Tommy played with allowed him to develop his skills, and being challenged against the best competition in the country was invaluable. As a former professional baseball player, I was very concerned with the health and safety of Tommy's arm and his future, but it didn't take long to realize that Steve Trombly went out of his way to insure that all of his players were taken care of.  Playing for Trombly baseball not only helped Tommy's career at Golden West College, but was instrumental in him signing with the Atlanta Braves in 2007, as their 10th round pick.  As parents, we had a great time being a part of this first class organization and will be forever grateful for the way Steve treated Tommy and us and how important he was to Tommy's baseball career.  We have a lot of great memories, but going to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, NM, back to back years was an experience that we all will never forget.  A sincere thanks to Steve and Trombly Baseball - Wayne & Debby Palica
Preparation is key, no matter what level you are at! There is no doubt that TB helped our son get ready to compete at the next level. Trombly Baseball always has the best interest of the players first, no doubt. I loved the fact that we had some of the best players on the west coast on our roster, and we played the rest of the best always! We also had the great experience of winning the 17U Connie Mack World Series. To this day this is one of my son’s most memorable baseball experiences. Thanks Steve, Mike Grahovac and Jeff Stodgel for all you've done for our son. GO TITANS! 
Randy & Teresa Ramirez
I would highly recommend your program to anyone in Southern California (or beyond) who is serious about baseball at the next level.  We got our son 
involved with Trombly Baseball when he was 16 years old and it was one of the best things that we ever did.  The quality of players, coaches, and 
competition was second to none.  His opportunity to play on your team most certainly prepared him to play at the top levels of high school and Division 
I college baseball.  He finished his high school career as his team's MVP and 1st team All League.  He went on to have a good freshman year at USD, an 
All American year at SBCC, All Star for two different Collegiate Summer Wood Bat teams, and he just finished playing his final two years at Pepperdine. 
I have to credit his Trombly experience with helping him achieve his goals. 
Your coaches were great and David learned a lot from them, but I also believe that in this game, "iron sharpens iron".  Being in a lineup with so many talented players gave my son the drive and confidence to make himself better and he performed far beyond our expectations.  The number of Trombly  players that he played with that have been drafted and/or played Division I ball is ridiculous and I am still following all of their careers.  Our son was in an outstanding group of players.  For my wife and I, the experience  was fantastic.  Watching our boy play with some of the best players in the country was amazing and we are still personal friends with many of the young men, their parents, and the coaches.  The memories of those Trombly days are countless and it is incredible how often David has played with and against his old teammates.  You should be very proud of the quality of the players that have come through your program.  Thanks for everything. PS  Special thanks as well to coaches Murphy, Flatten, and Espinosa.  You guys are great!
Mike Harris 
Glendora, California 
Trombly Baseball Academy is a highly competitive baseball organization producing quality and talented baseball players that are ready for the next level.  Steve Trombly runs a well coached, well organized and successful academy from all aspects of player development, competition and recruitment.  Steve has a vested interest in each and every one of his players and not only relates effectively with all age groups but also is held in high esteem and great respect by his players, their parents, college coaches and pro scouts.  The events, showcases and tournaments he sponsors and participates in provide immeasurable experience and exposure for his players at all levels.  As a coach, Steve is smart and savvy.  He is fair on and off the field and will always put forward the best team possible.  Most importantly, Steve is dedicated to bringing out the absolute best in each one of these young men.  We graciously thank Steve and all of his staff for the opportunity for our son to be a part of Trombly Baseball. 
Karen Verlaan Sully, Parent
Hey there Steve,
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much Casey and I appreciate your help with the recruiting process.  Although we started very late in the process with you guys (the summer after his senior year), I felt your experience was a valuable tool in connecting my son with the folks at Cal State Fullerton.  The 2 months or so he played with the Trombly Braves proved to be more of an asset than 4 years of high school baseball when it came to having him play in front of the right people.  Without your help he wouldn't be where he is today.  I will definitely be steering other families in your direction whenever I have the opportunity.  Thanks again for everything and don't forget to stop by and see Casey play when you get the chance.
Ed Watkins
Dear Steve, 
I have just returned home checking Nolan into his dorm room at UNLV.  Everything went perfectly.  Nolan is very happy and looking forward to meeting his new team, getting his college education and playing Division 1 baseball.  We couldn’t help reflecting on how he got to this point.
Nolan had always worked really hard at baseball.  He participated in one of the best high school baseball programs in Southern California.  He attended all “the right” showcases, played club baseball and scout ball.  He performed well during all of it.  Yet some doors remained closed.  
It wasn’t until Nolan joined your organization that the doors for him really seemed to open up. 
We can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you spent putting a high quality team together and entering the team into a perfect mix of local and travel competition.  Nolan was seen by as many colleges as possible.  He ended up with the kind of choices that afforded him the perfect fit in terms of school and team.  We also appreciate the personal attention you gave to Nolan in meeting his individual goals.
We know that Trombly Baseball was a big part of Nolan’s success.
Thank you so much,
Megan Ingegneri and Nolan Clark
To all baseball lovers!  As a very involved baseball family we have experienced many great baseball moments from Little League World Series Champions to National Youth Travel Ball Championships to High School All American Awards including AFLAC All-American.  We have been involved with many great youth baseball teams and organizations and I must say that Trombly Baseball was outstanding in helping my son in accomplishing his dreams!  Steve Trombly's knowledge of the game along with his coaching staff of all levels, helped develop hundreds of ballplayers of all talents to the collegiate and professional ranks.  Steve's exposure of the players he represents is second to none!  His exposure to recruiters and scouts is top of the charts!  We as a family thank Trombly baseball for being a big part of Chris Amezquita's success with his collegiate baseball career at UCLA and Pepperdine University.
Yours Truly in Baseball
The Amezquita Family
We want to thank you for being such a wonderful role model and great mentor for our son Johnathan Kennedy. You give him praise and you inform him of things he needs to work on in a positive way. You have taken Johnathan under your wing as if he were your own son, he feels he can come to you about anything and you always give him sound advice. We want to thank for all of the exposure you have given Johnathan, in 2008 you took him to play in Florida and took care of him as if he were your own! Within a month that he got back from Florida he received 6 "Letter of Interest ", very exciting, it is you that is exposing our son to the best possible Colleges and for that we will forever be grateful to you.
Thank you for all you have done for our son Johnathan Kennedy!
Keith & Brenda Kennedy
Lake Forest, California
We’ve been associated with Steve Trombly for about 10 years.  We’ve watch the birth and growth of Trombly Baseball and we’ve been impressed by the quality teams & events that Steve continues to put together and his desire to help players take it to the next level. Our older son has coached Steve’s teams during the off season and our younger son always looks forward to playing for Steve.  Always quality coaching, quality players and a real fun experience.  
The Denker Family. 
Hey Steve, 
I just wanted to thank you for all the exposure my son Gaston has had playing on your team. Not only did he get a chance to play for one of the best teams in the country but also he got noticed by numerous schools! 
Keep up the great work. My younger son Logan is next!! 
Gaston Escudero
My son’s exposure to high caliber coaches, players, and parents, really 
helped him grow as a player and person with Trombly Baseball.  He will move on 
to college baseball in 2010.
Wayne Goodwin, Parent
Being a former coach in the Trombly Baseball organization, I know the hard work and commitment that Steve puts in to all his teams.  Steve cares allot about each and every player, no matter what level the player is at.  During my 3 years in the organization, I had the pleasure of coaching some of the best players on the West Coast.  Several players on our roster have moved on to D1 baseball or to professional baseball.  I know when I run into some of the former players, we talk about all the great times we had together, especially winning the 17U Don Mattingly World Series in 2007.  I know as a college head coach, I will continue to recruit players from the Trombly Baseball organization.
Mike Grahovac
Player Testimonials
                                                 Tournament           Date      Location

                                              USABF So Cal Challenge            May 27-30             Palm Springs

                                              Four Corners Classic                    June 2-5               Peoria, AZ

                                              Las Vegas Summer Classic          June 15-18    Las Vegas

                                              USA 16U Championships                    June 17-25           Peoria, AZ

                                              Connie Mack WS Qualifier           June 21-26    Tempe, AZ
                                              AZ Summer Classic       July 7-10       Peoria, AZ

                                              AZ 16U Summer Classic        July 21-24     Peoria, AZ
                                              Don Mattingly World Series         July 26-30             Tempe, AZ
                                              USABF World Series           July 30-Aug 6San Diego

                                              Under Armour Southwest            August 1-4     So Cal
                                              PG National Championship         September 23-26   Peoria, AZ

                                              AZ Fall Invitational       October 7-9    Peoria, AZ

                                              AZ 16U Fall Classic      October 7-9    Peoria, AZ

                                              AZ Sr Fall Classic         October 14-16        Peoria, AZ

                                              USABF Cactus Classic         October 14-16 Yuma, AZ

                                              AZ Jr Fall Classic         October 21-23 Peoria, AZ
                                              AZ Soph Fall Classic           October 28-30 Peoria, AZ

                                              Under Armour So Cal Classic     October 28-30 So Cal

                                              USABF Veterans Day Classic      November 11-13    San Diego

                                              Corey Lidle Tournament            November 25-27    So Cal

                                              USABF Thanksgiving Tournament     November 25-27     Yuma, AZ

                                              Okeiki Toys for Tots     December 3-10       So Cal

                                              Trombly Baseball Showcase     January 14-16 So Cal

Player Information Sheet
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